Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Face Value

Red lips 2 edited

Tools used :
Primer - MUA / Foundation : Dainty Doll by Nicole Roberts Shade '002' 
Upper Liner - Barry M 'wink' felt liner / Lower liner - Rimmel London soft Kahl in '061 Jet' 
Mascara - Rimmel London Volume Mascara flash in '001black'
Lips - MUA 'shade 1 red' 

What could be more fitting for a début post than a close up zoomed in feature on my face? It seemed rather rude to jump straight into the inner musings of my mind without at least introducing my aesthetics to you all. The above look is definitely one that I favour, in fact I'm almost notorious (albeit in a disappointingly none scandalous way) for my love of a good red lip. I personally blame icons such as Gwen Stefani and Rose McGowan for my affliction with slashes of scarlett and am resolutely confident that it won't be disappearing any-time soon. Cat-eyes are my other 'trademark' many a morning battle for eye equality has been waged in my bedroom, with a range of endlessly frustrated loved ones preying that I become bored of this look and appear on time for once. Alas that too seems unlikely and my only bone of contention here is that the photographs above fail to do my miraculously even flicks justice - always the way! 

Enough rambling about me though, I'd love to know what your trademark look is : are you known for a  perfect smoky eye? A nude lip? Or, are you in fact, a bare faced beauty, championing what mother nature gave you? 

Let me know below.
You can find links to all products used in the look above in the list.


Anonymous said...

You look fab with red lippy. You look stunning!! xo

Unknown said...

Jules - Why thankyou honey! You know me and a splash of scarlett! Canny resist ;) xo

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

I don't think I have a signature makeup look at the moment. I used to ALWAYS wear a winged eye but hardly wear eyeliner at all any more. A red lip just looks amazing against your perfect porcelain skin tone Sarah! :)

Love, Rachel

Unknown said...

Rachel - Your make-up always looks so flawless! You're one of those lucky ladies who manage to have perfect eye-flicks too (intensely jealous!) thank-you so much hun, I think it's become somewhat of an addiction! xo

Lauren said...

You suit a red lip like nobody else I know baaabes! x

Unknown said...

Lauren - Ahhhh Love ya!! x

Anonymous said...

Sarah! Is this yet another fabulous blog of yours...oh I'm so lucky to be treated to two! I like the idea of having separated blogs...I'd do it myself if I wasn't so lazy! Your make up here looks stunning! You don't have have the skin tone to pull off a red lip! So porcelain! Also jealous of your willowy hair as well. MINE NEEDS TO GROW ASAP!!

Gemma x

Unknown said...

Gemma - It is indeed! I am a greedy one ;) thankyou! I'm so pathetically pale it's pointless doing anything other than embracing it! Your hair is delicious I'd love the facial structure to pull off a sharp bob! xx

Unknown said...

You are absolutely beautiful. I wish my skin was as flawless as yours!!

Loving this new blog sweet xx

Unknown said...

Soph - You are too sweet my lovely one! xo

Rhi and Rach said...

Love, love that red lipstick on you! I've never tried MUA before, but I know their products are very cheap so I will have to check this one out.

- Rhi xx

Unknown said...

Rhi - Thank-you! It's my absolute trademark I'm so glad you like. I only have amazing things to say about MUA I would recommend them all day long. xo

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