Monday, 3 September 2012

Lighten Up

peach edited
Tools :
Foundation - Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts in '002' 
Blush - MUA 'Shade two'
Lips - Topshop 'Ooh La La'
Eyeliner - Barry M 'wink' 
Mascara - Rimmel London 'Volume flash'

Oh wow. This is unusual. A look that doesn't involve blood red lips and chalk white cheeks!
Sometimes (very rarely) I like to bring a little colour into my life and cheeks and play around with a little bit of blusher. Topped off ironically by good old TOPshop and 'ooh la la' - an absolute favourite lipsick of mine. So vibrant and fun and equally gorgeous on olive skin as well as fair.

Today I've said goodbye to one of the best <3 and am saying goodbye (slowly) to the last day of the holidays. I'm going back to work tomorrow. Big girl style. 
I'd much rather stay home and blog and play with the cat.
Hold me while I cry? 


Nuala Maria said...

Lovely make up hon and you've got perfect skin. Very jealous! Oh and I know what you mean I'd rather stay home, blog and play with the cat too!! ;) xxx

Sarah Madden said...

Nuala - Thankyou so much! It wont stay perfect if I keep eating all the chocolate I do now ha-ha! Oh god that'd be the perfect life :') xo

Beth said...

I love the Topshop lip colour, and the ring is nice too :) xx

Anonymous said...

That lippie's gorgeous on you!!

Sarah Madden said...

Beth - Thankyou very much lovely! xo

Jules - Thanks hun xo

Soph. said...

You are absolutely bloomin stunning girl!! Love that lipstick!! xx

Julie Ly said...

I bought that Topshop lipstick today and can't wait to use it. It looks lovely on you.


Sarah Madden said...

Soph - Awwww *blushes* thankyou gorgeous! xo

Julie - Ooh you will not regret it is perfect hun! Thankyou xo

Lauren said...

I like your ring, but I like your face more. xo

Sarah Madden said...

Lauren - Well I like your fringe but I like you more! ;) (thankyou!) xo

Madeline said...

I love the combo of your coral lips and emerald ring. So gorgeous! I think this look suits you really well. Though the red lipstick as well :)

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

I hope your first day back at work went well lovely! Gorgeous lip colour! I might just have to buy this for myself! :)

Love, Rachel

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