Thursday, 23 August 2012

Black Magic

Nails edited one

There is somewhat of a possibility that my obsession for red lipstick might be equalled by my obsession for black nails. A little hint of the wooky wooky witch at the tips of my fingers definitely spellbinds me.
Over the years I've dipped and dabbled in many an array of midnight shades from the cheap cheap high-st versions who's names allude me, right up to the glossy and heady heights of Chanel. Most, sadly  disappoint on a regular basis.
Finally though, I seem to have come across a black nail varnish that is A) Actually black (you'd be surprised at just how many are murky grey - trust me!) and B) Relatively long lasting.

The Bourjois polish is also relatively 'cheap' which appeals to me (I think it retails for £5.99) and it's crowning glory? It has a brush I can not only use, but use well and use evenly. Absolutely miracle.

I'll definitely be repurchasing promptly although if you have any other further suggestions to add to my deep dark list please feel free!


TheOtherSideofCool said...

This sounds great, I've love to see it on! I absolutely love glossy black nails I think they look so sophisticated, especially around a wine glass! xx

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Unknown said...

Rhi - Ooh I will edit a photo in soon! I totally agree, gorgeous on photos!xx

Anonymous said...

I never wear black but I love bourjois nail varnish!
ps - emailed you via wallflower addy!

Unknown said...

Jules - Ooh ok honey! Will have a lookie xo

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