Friday, 31 August 2012

Dainty Doll

Dainty Doll edited
Dainty Doll By Nicola Roberts. Available at Boots

I'm sure you're all aware from my previous makeup posts that I am very much a woman of the fair-skinned variety. I'm so pale, infact, that even my Irish grandmother - hailing from a land where everyone is pale - frequently enquires as to wether or not I'm 'a little under the weather' as a result of my persistant pallor. Over the years I've come to adore having fair skin - especially as it enhances the drama of my love affair with red lipstick! However, the downside to being so pale is that the quest to find a foundtion to match my skintone and not render me a strange hue of orange has been difficult to say the least.

Step forward the 'Dainty Doll' range created by the Ivory skinned Nicole Roberts. Stocked in all large Boots stores and availabe online this little range has proved to be somewhat of a lifesaver for me. There are four shades within the collection and for the first time in known history the fairest was actually too fair for me!

As a result I wear shade '002' and I've found it's the closest (by a long shot) to the perfect match for me. The foundation itself has a lovely consistency and a little goes a long way (good job too - at £22 it is a little pricey!) It requires a little blending but once sunken offers flawless coverage that lasts all day. It can cling a little to dry areas so I would reccommend doubling up on pre application moisturisation if you're prone to dry patches but other than that I can't find much fault with it.

Although like I say it's a little on the pricier side it's well worth the investment in my eyes, especially if like me you've been searching for that lighter shade for a long time. To see the foundation 'in action' on myself click here or here for my previous makeup looks.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tattoo or not tattoo

tattoo two editedTattoo one editedtattoo four edited

I'm utterly in love with ink.
From full sleeves, to secret (or not so secret) symbols to meaningful quotes that we could all do with remembering they impress, inspire and excite me in so many ways.

I always admire the dedication and decision making that comes with committing something to your body for life (or at least life without insanely powerful lasers). I'm indecisive by nature and my habit of over thinking things hinders me yet further but the idea of making such a strong commitment appeals to my soul.

I know personally what  I would have inked upon myself I'm just waiting for the right moment. But what about the rest of you? Do you love or loathe ink? Perhaps you have taken the plunge already and already adorned yourself if so I'd love to see.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Heavy Duty

Stud bag edited

Yep, more studs. Officially catching up with the number of skull printed items I own. This particular bag stole my heart on a shopping trip with my mum and sister. I've been searching for a bag for work which is practical, simple but with a little attitude and this seemed to tick all the boxes. If studs are also your thing check out the link above or look here and here for some other tasty options.

Duly Noted

notebook 1 editednotebook 2 edited
In this technological age it sadly seems that the era of the notebook has been left behind.
I spent much of my childhood scribbling into various 'diaries' they never lasted till more than March but looking back now they're precious glimpses into the little person I was back then.
This current notebook has been in circulation for a year or two, sometimes I've used it everyday, others I haven't touched it in months. Looking back through today though in order to snap these photos (choosing the least revealing/provocative page of course!) was hilarious. The above post was a recollection of one of my incredibly vivid dreams and thanks to the paper above I feel I can almost relive it even now. 

Such is the beauty of a notebook.

Do any of you keep one? Or do you see them as a waste of time and potential danger (hello nosy people in unguarded bedrooms)

Monday, 27 August 2012

If I were sophisticated

Set four edited
If I were sophisticated I would wear this to a sophisticated party. I imagine it would be in London or New York, perhaps Milan if I was feeling the need for a cosmopolitan getaway. I would drink champagne (despite the fact I don't like it) and laugh to myself at how it matched my dress. I would perhaps dance a little - and I'd have killer moves for once and my lipstick would most definitely not smudge onto my teeth. I would clamber gracefully into a cab at the end of the night and I would have enough money to pay the fair.

Until then I will sit in my joggers and hoodie and create outfits like this for a little entertainment.

Wake me up when September ends.

I'm a nervous anxious type of person. Much more of a planner than a spontaneous adventurer, a 'let's think about this for a second' girl rather than a 'let's do this now!' This never manifests itself more than when change is afoot.

Next week I return to work for the first time in Six weeks. There is no dramatic reason for such a long absence - I work in a Primary school and really, after 12 years of school, 2 years of sixth-form and 2 years of working in a school I really should be used to this September feeling by now.

However, it seems that I'm not and I'm not sure I ever will be. Every year without fail come the last week of August I get those 'back to school' butterflies stampeding around my stomach. I have odd dreams about forgetting I've left the lamminator on, getting lost between classrooms and being too late on my first day. In short, I full-fill every cliché about being nervous about something.

I'm never quite sure why ; I love where I work and get on well with the people I work with. I adore teaching and helping the children and can't wait to have another little class to bond with this year and this is very much what I want to be doing. But yet, these butterflies won't go away, this dull anxiety wont leave my head alone and I'm feeling... dare I say it... Like I want to run away and hide?

Do any of you experience this? Whether you're at school, college, uni or work does this affect you and more importantly, do you have any tips to combat it? Until September 4th I'm happy to be the pupil instead of the teacher!

The eyes have it

Tools Used:
Foundation - Dainty Doll By Nicole Roberts in Shade '002'
Lipstick - MUA in '5'
Eyes - Barry M 'wink' 

Channelling my inner Avril Lavinge / Taylor Momsen here I think. Usually I go for a much more subtle cat eye flick seen, for example, here. However, occasionally the inner emo kid that's been buried a little in the last few years want's to rear it's sweeping fringe and heavy lined eyed little head. Eye-liner without a doubt will always be my favourite product to play around with (if also my nemesis - even eyes = argh!) 

If you have any tips please feel free to leave below!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

It's all about me

If like me you are somewhat inclined to being a little nosy, you might enjoy this tag that I got off the lovely Sophie. If not feel free to ignore everything about it.

1.  What are two of your worst habits?
Without a shadow of a doubt : procrastination and over thinking everything. Lethal combination.

2.  If you had one day to live, what would you do? 
Honestly? I'd love to give you some imaginative answer involving a fantastic adventure and a real sense of fun but I know myself, I'd be so utterly terrified about dying I'd be crying in a ball in the corner. 

3.  What is the thing you most wish you were great at?
Lately I have developed an absolute fascination with ballet. I'd do a lot of things to go back and train as a ballerina. Unfortunately my lack of grace + rhythm would probably hold me back.

4.  If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?
I would eat dinner, with my grandad. As sad as that sounds, because he is in my history and I'd like to have a chance to bring him up to date with my present and have a chance to see if he approves.

5.  What did you do last night?
I had the most ridiculously awful nightmare that resulted in a lovely 5am conversation. When life gives you lemons...

6.  What is your earliest memory?
I like to think I remember my second birthday and my mum pushing me up the garden on a toy car with a balloon attached to it. If not it's a pretty trippy dream right?!

7.  What is your favourite breakfast and would you have it for dinner?
Orange juice! Perhaps scrambled egg if I've had enough time to wake up and find that thing called 'appetite'. I would and often do have this for dinner yeah.

8.  Did you make any resolutions this year? Have you kept any of them so far?
I made a lot and kept a few which is a bit like the story of my life. 

9.  What did you want to do when you 'grow up' when you were a child?
A vet, then an actress and always a writer. Now I'm hoping to be a teacher/writer (because let's face it - I haven't 'grown up' yet!)

10.  Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by 10 years to become extremely attractive or famous?
No, I think as much as aesthetics and 'fame' appeal to me at the end of the day I'd rather have longer with those who I love.

11.  Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things? 
Doing the right things. I have the most ridiculous conscience ever, I can't decline an invitation with a slightly exaggerated headache without worrying about it for hours. I could never commit a crime that's for sure!

I have a phobia of onions, what is your weirdest phobia?
Slugs. Although I maintain they are the most terrifiying and upsetting creature on this Earth so it's not weird at all. Perhaps my fear of pasta (because it has the same texture as slugs) is weirder?

What style of clothing, accessory etc would you like to see wiped from the planet? 
Uggs. Because they are Ugg-ly! (Cliche but come on?!) although I admit, bloody cosy in the cold!

You are the Terminator, who's parents do you go after, Justin Bieber's or Hugh Jackman's? Well I like to think the Terminator wouldn't have had to have heard Justin Bieber because that could have resulted in some terrible dangerous explosion that would ruin mankind. And I like Hugh Jackman so...

What is the worst TV show ever and why?
Gossip girl. Because 'nobody cares'. No really, I'm just trying to provoke a reaction there. Probably Supersize v superskinny. My hatred for that is unparalleled for a lot of reasons.

Most underrated actor/actress? 
Taylor Momsen. Underratedly terrible that is.

What has been your ultimate fashion faux pas? 
Too many to think about and I'd rather not give myself yet more nightmares!

Let me know if you answer this yourself, I love poking my nose!

Just call me Medusa

Snake bracelet edited

Maybe it's a little nod to my 'Gothic' side. Maybe it's because I've always wanted to be a legend. Maybe it's just because they're utterly stunning, but I've always been obsessed with serpent style jewellery. A couple of years ago my best friend gifted me with this absolutely gorgeous wrap around bracelet and although it boggled us both at first ("seriously, how the f*** do you open it?!") it fast became an absolute favourite of mine. 

There's something a little macabre about them for sure, but also something incredibly beautiful and eye-catching  Like I say. Maybe I was meant to be an ancient Egyptian or something?

If you are equally inclined towards the scalier jewellery in life my gorgeous bangle is available from here. And there are another couple of similar styles here and here which might snake your fancy.

Reading Ready

Set two edited
Far too many people are off stomping in the mud at Reading this weekend. My jealousy is as dull and green as the khaki parka above. Festival fashion is one of my favourite features to drool over in magazines. There's something entirely enthralling to me about an outfit that mixes delicate ethereal fabrics with heavy metal and workmen's boots. This look could withstand even the most bipolar of English weather - the skirt, top + shades for those ever hoped for flashes of sunshine and then those boots and the parka for the ever not hoped for deluges.

If you are at a festival this weekend I am entirely jealous. 
However, I'm also fairly nice so I hope you're having a fabulous time.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Black Magic

Nails edited one

There is somewhat of a possibility that my obsession for red lipstick might be equalled by my obsession for black nails. A little hint of the wooky wooky witch at the tips of my fingers definitely spellbinds me.
Over the years I've dipped and dabbled in many an array of midnight shades from the cheap cheap high-st versions who's names allude me, right up to the glossy and heady heights of Chanel. Most, sadly  disappoint on a regular basis.
Finally though, I seem to have come across a black nail varnish that is A) Actually black (you'd be surprised at just how many are murky grey - trust me!) and B) Relatively long lasting.

The Bourjois polish is also relatively 'cheap' which appeals to me (I think it retails for £5.99) and it's crowning glory? It has a brush I can not only use, but use well and use evenly. Absolutely miracle.

I'll definitely be repurchasing promptly although if you have any other further suggestions to add to my deep dark list please feel free!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

By Degree?

Upon completing (somehow!) my A-level studies in the Summer of 2010 I made the decision not to go to university. It was a decision that took quite a bit of soul-searching, a few heated discussions and was met with more than a few quirked eyebrows, but, for me, it was the right decision and one I (think I) stand by to this day.

There were numerous reasons behind my eventual decision none more important than the fact that I quite simply did not really feel the desire to go. I had no burning degree ambition. I had no desperation to further study a subject and perhaps most importantly my heart was never in it.
It seemed wrong, to me, when so many were desperate for a place on a course and a path to 'steal' such a desired spot as a result of little more than achieving a certain amount of UCAS points. In addition, the idea of another three years of academia practically gave me a migraine.

Two years down the line having worked from a voluntary position up to a secure full time 'big girl' job I can say that it paid off for me. Many times over the last two years I've wondered if I'd have been better furthering my education instead of stomping along the same sodden streets at 8:20 every morning to a job with no pay and the question mark of 'what am I going to do nowww' hanging over me. 

However, whilst with two years experience behind me, a high level qualification certificate firmly stored in a safe place (read : I dont quite remember but it's in my house somewhere) and the thought of assiting with a brand new class of bright eyed seven year olds full time come the 4th of September, I do feel content, I've also got that little voice whispering in my ear 'what if?'

You know the one. The one that seems to sneak up on you when you're having a quiet five minutes, usually when you're painting your nails or completing some other task that could really do with your full attention you know? It sneaks up on you and kind of punches you in the face and you mope around a bit for a day or two like 'what does this mean?!' (With lots of dramatic sighing) I'm happy I didn't go to university, I'm happy I didn't plonk myself in a course that I wasn't fully committed to and commit to three years I didn't really want. Hearing my friends though, with their fantastic achievements and their hilarious experiences I can't help but wonder if I'm missing out.

I set on this journey to feel like an 'adult' to pay my own way and simply to work. Now work is what I do and whilst I love it with every fibre of me most of the time (minus 11am on a Wednesday when the kids can't do their maths work and don't want to know how to do their maths work and etc etc etc) I feel a little like maybe I missed the chance to really go crazy and enjoy my adolescence.

I'm pretty sure from what I've gleaned from twitter, from conversations and from (gasp) real life people ; this is a common way to feel. And yet, I'm still not sure how to proceed. Do I merely accept that I've chosen this path, that I'm only really looking at student life in a romanticised way. Or, do I throw caution to the wind and look into my other options?

Within the next two years I aim to begin a part-time degree alongside working fulltime. I'm hoping that whilst I wont get the nightlife (not that I'm that much of a night person anyway - god knows I fall asleep on my favourites enough!) I might get a little taste of what it is I feel I'm lacking right now. A degree, as it were, is necessary for the path I want to follow - to having my own little class one day instead of assisting with one. 

Perhaps I'm making up problems in my own mind, lord knows it wouldn't be the first time, but have you ever felt like this? Did you go to university or did you not and how, if so or if not, did you make this decision?

As always I'm incredibly intrigued into your insights.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Hey Stud

set edited
Yes Please.
I was about to purchase a denim shirt the other day... I got coerced into another skull print dress.
Ah well. There's always Polyvore to soothe my soul.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Cross words

crossword edited
(Neat handwriting curtsey of my grandma)

Crosswords are darn good for the mind you know. Never has anything encouraged me to think about being depressed, hitting things and bemoaning in the space of five minutes (except maybe TOWIE of course!) In his day my granddaddy was an incredible crossword connoisseur and casting my mind back to my childhood I remember many an afternoon watching him and his thick rimmed spectacles hard at work. Occasionally I would offer my assistance and in that beautiful granddad way he always humoured me and my futile attempts to fill in the blanks. 

Sadly my granddad has now passed on to bigger and better places but in the black and white challenge of a crossword he lives on. My grandma, his ultimate partner in crime and deciphering is pretty whiz herself and the other day in the sunshine we set about this monster. 

Needless to say despite my advancing years my crossword skills remain as absent as ever.
One day gramps I'll be half as good as you were.
And my wont that be grand.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Lips like morphine

Dark lips one edited Dark lips two edited
Tools used :
Primer - MUA / Foundation : Dainty Doll by Nicole Roberts Shade '002' 
Upper Liner - Barry M 'wink' felt liner / Lower liner - Rimmel London soft Kahl in '061 Jet' 
Mascara - Rimmel London Volume Mascara flash in '001black'
Lips - Sleek 'Mulberry'

Nails - Bourjois So Laque in 'Noir De Chine' / Ring - Llymlrs

As I mentioned in my previous make-up post - a bold red lip is my true beauty love.
However, sometimes I'm a great believer in stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new. Sleek's 'Mulberry' lipstick is definitely one of those products that push boundaries just a little. Enough to make me feel a little bold and daring when I wear it anyway (admittedly this does not take much!) It's a grand colour and I'm glad to have added it to my collection curtsey of the lovely Amy and her blog sale. 
The rest of the look is reassuringly Sarah-typical - wouldn't want to go too far now would we?!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Selfish is as selfish does

Every once in a while, in this grand scheme that one calls life, you might be unfortunate to run into someone of a selfish nature. Usually completely pig ignorant to the distress that they cause, these people can suck the life out of your soul and quite frankly leave you feeling like a little piece of dirt on the floor.

A selfish person cares not about anything but themselves and their selfish endeavours. Sure, there might be a thousand reasons that make them this way but it's best not to waste your valuable head-space troubling over potentialities - they sure as hell wouldn't do the same for you.

A selfish person can leave you gasping with cold hard shock at just how barefaced and brazen their behaviour can be, yet, please do not question it. You will get nowhere. Nowhere but a place where burning hot tears of frustration scald your face and your fists clench tighter than you thought possible.

A selfish person can lavish upon you all their problems, tantrums and anger and yet at the merest hint of you turning to them brush you off like like you're a piece of unbecoming fluff on their shoulder. You're nothing to them. Just a faceless morph from which they can take what they need and pay no heed.

They. Do. Not. Care.

It may take a day to get that message. A week. A month. A year. A lifetime. But one day it will ring abhorrently clear in your mind, like a painful car alarm going off at full volume, a horn blaring inside your mind - they could not care less about you.

And when it does you blink. You feel the bile rise up in your throat. You feel tearful indignation punch you in the gut and squeeze your chest. Because it hurts. It hurts a lot.

Because selfish people hurt. A lot.

But they'll never ever stop.

Because they just don't care.

Monday, 13 August 2012


Liverpool one editedLiverpool two editedLiverpool three edited
Liverpool has to be my all time favourite get-away city.
Tempted to do a Jade Stobbs and steal away. 
I could spend all day in St Johns gardens, shop till I drop at Liverpool one and then go and sit by the docks and dream of slipping away on a sail boat.
I'd need an umbrella of course, but it'd be worth it.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Hey Stud

Studded edited
Studs are a dangerously strong addiction.
These should satisfy my desire for a little while. 
They seem to me a curious mix of Elvis and Nicole Richie. 
I'm not going to question it.

Do we speak how we write?

Somewhere between smothering myself in Olbus Oil (a desperate attempt to placate yet another sinus infection) and slipping into the land of sleep last night, I found myself analysed in a way I was entirely unprepared for.

One of my best friends Steve is currently studying Creative Writing at Uni with aspirations of one day becoming a writer himself. He's pretty damn freaking good and, as a result of this I'm always keen to glean an insight into his critiques and compliments in relation to my own ramblings. On this occasion however, he surprised me entirely by not only analysing what I'd written (and telling me off for starting a sentence with and -Sorry!) but through what I'd written, analysing me as a whole.

Call me naive but despite two years of studying English language and Literature in what seemed at the time painful detail, I had no idea how much about a person you can decipher through their writing. Focusing his attention on my previous post I think it's fair to say Steve hit the metaphorical nail on the head throughout the entirety of his little Sarah review.

For example, I know I am prone to writing in a rather lyrical way - I adore the flow of words and I'm a great lover of alliteration. My English teacher once infact informed me that 'you write a paragraph when you require a sentence' but it seems a habit that I cannot shake. Steve noted, however, in reality I rarely speak like this - of course there are occasions when my inner poetic goddess (really, who am I kidding?!) decides to emerge, but in general I tend to verbalise in a much more paired down manner than this blog would perhaps suggest. Why, however is very much debatable. My expert linguistic analyser suggested a lack of self belief, which I think many despairing relatives who encourage me to have more confidence in my endeavours would eagerly agree with. However, whilst I hold my hands up to a large degree of inadequacy and self doubt, I also perhaps wonder if it's a mere result of practicality?

In this day and age text speak rules supreme. Coz like LOL YOLO. A slightly more 'old fashioned' manner of speaking is somewhat alien and sounds downright odd in amongst a sea of abbreviations and slang. In my head, however, I'm free to speak however I want and a little old fashioned flavour is favourable in my writing. Could this be the difference?

Flipping this example on it's head it's commonplace for one to adapt the way they speak to fit in with differing occasions. You only have to look at other languages where entire terms off address are changed completely depending upon who it is you're talking to, your relationship with them and their position of authority. Do we merely adjust the way we speak / write and even think depending on circumstance? Or does it run much deeper than that?

I'm entirely curious, despite only touching on the briefest section of the analysis Steve offered me, it has awoken in me some curiosity that spawned this blog post. I'm eager to hear what you think? Do you write exactly as you speak, or do you tweak one or the other? If so, for what reason? I'd love to hear from you.

In your own words of course. None edited.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Kite Runner

Kite runner 1 EditedKite runner 2 edited

Rare is a book that can grab you round the throat within its opening page. Rarer, is a book that manages to suck the heat out of a baking Mallorcan summer with just one sentence. Rarer still, is a book that still captivates and haunts you in equal measures, four years on from that initial midsummer morning. Perhaps, rarest of all, however, is that one book could manage to do all of the above, despite it being in my lap as a consequence of requirement rather than choice.

Khaled Hosseini's 'The Kite Runner' is 'that book'. The book that delivers the tale of a most unlikely but simple friendship that dissintergrates into a heartwrenching tale of loss, jelousy, betrayal and horror set against the backdrop of a land where such things are tragically commonplace.

The novel follows the wealthy Amir, who, on the surface appears to have it all ; a large house, stable and prosperous education, security and the promise of an actual future. But actually, beneath the privellidged exterior feels fundamentally insecure, and, most importantly - unloved and lost under a cloud of sky-high expectations. And his friendship with whom, in a land of criticism and conflict can only be described as his polar oposoite - Hassan, a servant boy who by his none rights should have nothing. However, fighting against expectation however, Hassan is blessed with loyalty and courage that Amir could never dream of, and on a personal level, the ability to reduce me to floods of tears with one simple line 'For you a thousand times over."

Hassan, his loyalty, love and line form the pivotal moment of The Kite runner, a moment harrowingly shocking yet beautifully done at the same time, a moment that you can sense coming with sickening sureness from the very opening sentence - but are powerless to stop. In a way, you're bound as soon as you open this book - bound to follow the tale like the tail of the kites that lend the book it's title.

Guilt is a powerful feeling. It can leave pleasure pleasureless and suck the soul out of all enjoyment. Out of living. Amir knows this. And through Amir we know this, and we feel it ourselves through his words. The book cryptically opens with the promise that 'There is a way to be good again'. And my god. Inshallah. Before we even know what happens here don't we all want to beleive that?

Never, when I picked up that book, on that beach, a mere requirement of my approaching A-level studies, did I realise what an impact it would leave. It seems only fitting that it should be the first book I review here as I often wonder how many books will even come close.

What book is your favourite? Can you choose, or is that like picking between children?

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Face Value

Red lips 2 edited

Tools used :
Primer - MUA / Foundation : Dainty Doll by Nicole Roberts Shade '002' 
Upper Liner - Barry M 'wink' felt liner / Lower liner - Rimmel London soft Kahl in '061 Jet' 
Mascara - Rimmel London Volume Mascara flash in '001black'
Lips - MUA 'shade 1 red' 

What could be more fitting for a début post than a close up zoomed in feature on my face? It seemed rather rude to jump straight into the inner musings of my mind without at least introducing my aesthetics to you all. The above look is definitely one that I favour, in fact I'm almost notorious (albeit in a disappointingly none scandalous way) for my love of a good red lip. I personally blame icons such as Gwen Stefani and Rose McGowan for my affliction with slashes of scarlett and am resolutely confident that it won't be disappearing any-time soon. Cat-eyes are my other 'trademark' many a morning battle for eye equality has been waged in my bedroom, with a range of endlessly frustrated loved ones preying that I become bored of this look and appear on time for once. Alas that too seems unlikely and my only bone of contention here is that the photographs above fail to do my miraculously even flicks justice - always the way! 

Enough rambling about me though, I'd love to know what your trademark look is : are you known for a  perfect smoky eye? A nude lip? Or, are you in fact, a bare faced beauty, championing what mother nature gave you? 

Let me know below.
You can find links to all products used in the look above in the list.

A little introduction

Forever searching for a little outlet I've spent many a long summer day scribbling into a notepad in the shade of an apple tree. Stories have come and gone in my mind although all too often I've been unable to properly pin them down and make them come alive. This little blog is set to become my virtual notepad - hopefully causing less arm cramping than it's paper-made counterpart. Here you will find a foray into my imagination and all that inspires me ; the books I've read and want to read, the lyrics I love and long to have written and the clothes and make-up that make me who I am. It's a personal spot, one more selfishly dedicated to myself than previous internet ventures. It's my very own little playground and I'd love if you'd come and visit sometime.