Monday, 27 August 2012

If I were sophisticated

Set four edited
If I were sophisticated I would wear this to a sophisticated party. I imagine it would be in London or New York, perhaps Milan if I was feeling the need for a cosmopolitan getaway. I would drink champagne (despite the fact I don't like it) and laugh to myself at how it matched my dress. I would perhaps dance a little - and I'd have killer moves for once and my lipstick would most definitely not smudge onto my teeth. I would clamber gracefully into a cab at the end of the night and I would have enough money to pay the fair.

Until then I will sit in my joggers and hoodie and create outfits like this for a little entertainment.


Tori said...

I love love the jacket :) xxx

Anonymous said...

I really love that jacket & dress!

Unknown said...

Tori - Oh it's a dream right?! I want it too baddly ha-ha xo

Jules - They're so perfect together? Desp need them ha-ha xo

Anonymous said...

There's nothing stopping you from being sophisticated! Go out find copy cat dupes of these things and get to your nearest club/bar ASAP! Leather jacket, dress and shoes are to die for. Work it with that eye liner you wrote about before and you'll be a proper sex kitten!

Gemma x

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

Lusting over this entire outfit! I just adore this kind of look at the moment, chic sophistication with an edge! Just GORGEOUS :)

Love, Rachel

Unknown said...

Gemma - Oooh you tell me! I need someone to come and boss me about ha-ha! I desperately need a trip out I think! Thankyou beautiful xo

Rachel - Aw thankyou! That would be my dream description :') xo

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