Saturday, 25 August 2012

It's all about me

If like me you are somewhat inclined to being a little nosy, you might enjoy this tag that I got off the lovely Sophie. If not feel free to ignore everything about it.

1.  What are two of your worst habits?
Without a shadow of a doubt : procrastination and over thinking everything. Lethal combination.

2.  If you had one day to live, what would you do? 
Honestly? I'd love to give you some imaginative answer involving a fantastic adventure and a real sense of fun but I know myself, I'd be so utterly terrified about dying I'd be crying in a ball in the corner. 

3.  What is the thing you most wish you were great at?
Lately I have developed an absolute fascination with ballet. I'd do a lot of things to go back and train as a ballerina. Unfortunately my lack of grace + rhythm would probably hold me back.

4.  If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?
I would eat dinner, with my grandad. As sad as that sounds, because he is in my history and I'd like to have a chance to bring him up to date with my present and have a chance to see if he approves.

5.  What did you do last night?
I had the most ridiculously awful nightmare that resulted in a lovely 5am conversation. When life gives you lemons...

6.  What is your earliest memory?
I like to think I remember my second birthday and my mum pushing me up the garden on a toy car with a balloon attached to it. If not it's a pretty trippy dream right?!

7.  What is your favourite breakfast and would you have it for dinner?
Orange juice! Perhaps scrambled egg if I've had enough time to wake up and find that thing called 'appetite'. I would and often do have this for dinner yeah.

8.  Did you make any resolutions this year? Have you kept any of them so far?
I made a lot and kept a few which is a bit like the story of my life. 

9.  What did you want to do when you 'grow up' when you were a child?
A vet, then an actress and always a writer. Now I'm hoping to be a teacher/writer (because let's face it - I haven't 'grown up' yet!)

10.  Would you be willing to reduce your life expectancy by 10 years to become extremely attractive or famous?
No, I think as much as aesthetics and 'fame' appeal to me at the end of the day I'd rather have longer with those who I love.

11.  Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things? 
Doing the right things. I have the most ridiculous conscience ever, I can't decline an invitation with a slightly exaggerated headache without worrying about it for hours. I could never commit a crime that's for sure!

I have a phobia of onions, what is your weirdest phobia?
Slugs. Although I maintain they are the most terrifiying and upsetting creature on this Earth so it's not weird at all. Perhaps my fear of pasta (because it has the same texture as slugs) is weirder?

What style of clothing, accessory etc would you like to see wiped from the planet? 
Uggs. Because they are Ugg-ly! (Cliche but come on?!) although I admit, bloody cosy in the cold!

You are the Terminator, who's parents do you go after, Justin Bieber's or Hugh Jackman's? Well I like to think the Terminator wouldn't have had to have heard Justin Bieber because that could have resulted in some terrible dangerous explosion that would ruin mankind. And I like Hugh Jackman so...

What is the worst TV show ever and why?
Gossip girl. Because 'nobody cares'. No really, I'm just trying to provoke a reaction there. Probably Supersize v superskinny. My hatred for that is unparalleled for a lot of reasons.

Most underrated actor/actress? 
Taylor Momsen. Underratedly terrible that is.

What has been your ultimate fashion faux pas? 
Too many to think about and I'd rather not give myself yet more nightmares!

Let me know if you answer this yourself, I love poking my nose!


Anonymous said...

Aww great facts... Although my answers will be totally different!!

Unknown said...

Jules - Well I would hope so unless you're my secret clone ;) xo

Tori said...

loved this tag, i also hate uggs!!!
and i am debating becoming a teacher :)

Bonnie said...

Over-thinking things is definitely a problem for me, too. I am the queen of analyzing.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

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