Monday, 27 August 2012

The eyes have it

Tools Used:
Foundation - Dainty Doll By Nicole Roberts in Shade '002'
Lipstick - MUA in '5'
Eyes - Barry M 'wink' 

Channelling my inner Avril Lavinge / Taylor Momsen here I think. Usually I go for a much more subtle cat eye flick seen, for example, here. However, occasionally the inner emo kid that's been buried a little in the last few years want's to rear it's sweeping fringe and heavy lined eyed little head. Eye-liner without a doubt will always be my favourite product to play around with (if also my nemesis - even eyes = argh!) 

If you have any tips please feel free to leave below!


Amy said...

I occasionally have a relapse and think I'm a 14 year old emo again too, whack loads and loads of eyeliner on but don't look any where near as good as you do!

Also how is the Dainty Doll foundation? I've been wanting to try it for a long time! x

Unknown said...

Amy - Sometimes we all need to regress + listen to Brody Dalle with a full face of black liner I think?! And I absolutely adore it, it's the only foundation that I've found that matches my skin tone (as a super pale one!) shade '001' is actually too pale for me which is unheard of. The coverage is fab although it can stick to dry areas (I have a dry top of nose/eyelid) so if you have dry skin you might want to try a sample first if possible or really up the moisturising beforehand x

Anonymous said...

I hate the emo look, preferring a small flick... But the best tip I can give is light strokes for an even line! ;-)

Unknown said...

Jules - Ha-ha light strokes I'm like an elephant! x

Caroline said...

I've been wanting to try Dainty Doll too, but can't sem to get it anywhere now.. :/
I always wonder with eyeliner, less is more for me as I just look like I've been in a fight, but this suits you. :)

Unknown said...

I've never checked out Nicola Roberts range, but after seeing your review I think I will!

fashionismyh2o said...
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Unknown said...

Caroline - I can only find it on Boots online store, that's where I ordered mine from xo

Claire - I would definitely reccommend it xo

Bonnie said...

I love a strong eye. I keep the rest of my makeup simple and neutral in order to let my eyes stand out. They are one of my favorite features.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Unknown said...

Bonnie - You do have lovely eyes! xo

Belle Morte said...

Hi Sarah,

You're really rocking the rock-chic, grunge look today! I LOVE heavy gothic eyeliner! It looks great on you! :D

Unknown said...

Belle - Thanks so much! I love to pretend I'm a cool rock chick once in a while ;)x

Anonymous said...

Oooh rocking the Taylor Momsen look there girl! Especially with that vest top on. You look uber cool. Without eye liner MY life would be worthless. ULTIMATE make up tool.

Gemma x

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