Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Selfish is as selfish does

Every once in a while, in this grand scheme that one calls life, you might be unfortunate to run into someone of a selfish nature. Usually completely pig ignorant to the distress that they cause, these people can suck the life out of your soul and quite frankly leave you feeling like a little piece of dirt on the floor.

A selfish person cares not about anything but themselves and their selfish endeavours. Sure, there might be a thousand reasons that make them this way but it's best not to waste your valuable head-space troubling over potentialities - they sure as hell wouldn't do the same for you.

A selfish person can leave you gasping with cold hard shock at just how barefaced and brazen their behaviour can be, yet, please do not question it. You will get nowhere. Nowhere but a place where burning hot tears of frustration scald your face and your fists clench tighter than you thought possible.

A selfish person can lavish upon you all their problems, tantrums and anger and yet at the merest hint of you turning to them brush you off like like you're a piece of unbecoming fluff on their shoulder. You're nothing to them. Just a faceless morph from which they can take what they need and pay no heed.

They. Do. Not. Care.

It may take a day to get that message. A week. A month. A year. A lifetime. But one day it will ring abhorrently clear in your mind, like a painful car alarm going off at full volume, a horn blaring inside your mind - they could not care less about you.

And when it does you blink. You feel the bile rise up in your throat. You feel tearful indignation punch you in the gut and squeeze your chest. Because it hurts. It hurts a lot.

Because selfish people hurt. A lot.

But they'll never ever stop.

Because they just don't care.


Anonymous said...

Urgh, I hate selfish people.
Loved this post. Never a truer word said.
Bravo Sarah!

Unknown said...

Jules - Ha thankyou honey! Drives me insane x

Sarah Flight said...

I hope you are OK and this hasn't been sparked by anything bad happening! But you are right, it's hard to stop yourself from helping someone you care about even if they don't help you back. Beautifully written post.

Unknown said...

Sarah - Thank-you lovely, I totally agree very hard + emotionally draining ha-ha! xo

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

I have the misfortune of being related to a very selfish person...
I gave up quite a while ago trying to help said person. Mainly because they would get over their 'problems of the moment' much faster than I did after all the moaning. Leaving me totally drained...
Now I just stay well clear. You may thank that's heartless of me but they will (for sure) be over it in a day or two, usually they are the only person who can get themselves out of a problem and if they won't help themselves by doing anything about it then I don't want to keep hearing about it.

Love, Rachel

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

Ha ha! I hope that didn't make me sound like a right bi*ch :)

Love, Rachel

Unknown said...

Definitely agree with everything you've said here!! Selfish people definitely don't deserve your help or even your thought space!!! Xx

Unknown said...

Rachel - Not selfish at all! Infact I am incredibly tempted to do the same, it's entirely exhausting I agree! I look up to you for being strong enough to make that decision! <3 x

Sophie - Aint that the truth! So hard to get free though :') x

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