Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tattoo or not tattoo

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I'm utterly in love with ink.
From full sleeves, to secret (or not so secret) symbols to meaningful quotes that we could all do with remembering they impress, inspire and excite me in so many ways.

I always admire the dedication and decision making that comes with committing something to your body for life (or at least life without insanely powerful lasers). I'm indecisive by nature and my habit of over thinking things hinders me yet further but the idea of making such a strong commitment appeals to my soul.

I know personally what  I would have inked upon myself I'm just waiting for the right moment. But what about the rest of you? Do you love or loathe ink? Perhaps you have taken the plunge already and already adorned yourself if so I'd love to see.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a lover of tattoo's. Full stop. Too much commitment, the pain, etc. no, no, no!

Oh and btw I've mentioned ya on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

I love tattoos but don't have the guts to get the ones I like!


Unknown said...

Jules - Aw thankyou so much! Definitely a big committment! x

Unknown said...

Em - Tell me about it it's such a big deal haha! They are beautiful though x

Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

You may not have noticed, but I have quite a few tattoos... I do like them but sometimes don't like the attention they get sometimes.

Love, Rachel

Unknown said...

Rachel - I have seen some of them! I think they are beautiful + it's such a shame that people look down on them! Each to their own I say! x

Unknown said...

I love them! I have 3 myself, all quite discreet though, I prefer them like that.



Anonymous said...

I agree-you have to be sure you want it before you get one. I have 3 small ones-all placed so that you can only see it it I choose to show them and small. I really thought about all of them before I went through with it. If you go to my blog, you'll see one of my tats on the main page.
My sister has 4 and counting and hers include an upper arm sleeve and a large chunk of her side calf on one leg. I personally am not a fan of big sleeves and it annoys me that my gorgeous sister has decked herself out that much-I just think of how they'll look when she's 80 :)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that I happen to have one in the spot where most people would consider it a "tramp stamp". That phrase annoys the hell out of me because I got mine before that idea existed but now I'm judged because of it. Stupid.

Sophie in the Sticks said...

I genuinely think my parents would go mad if I got a tattoo, which is ridic as I'm waaay old enough to make my own decision. I do love seeing cute and meaningful tats on other people. I'm probably too indecisive to pick something and stick with it forEVER.

Unknown said...

Julie - I adore discreet tattoos too especially on women. On men I have a massive love for full sleeves haha! x

Sarah - Definitely, I completely agree I'd want something subtle and not too 'out there' oh wow, I know this is fairly odd but I much prefer more dainty tattoos on women although I adore sleeves on men. Don't worry about it being a 'tramp stamp' I hate that expression! Such a nice place to get a tat though! xo

Sophie - Oh my grandmother would kill me :') yeah you sound exactly like me ha-ha! x

Unknown said...

I have 5 tattoos and I've definitely stopped there. Haha, they are too addictive though. xxx

Tori said...

I loveee tattoos, i don't have any but as soon as i make my mind up as to what i want then i definitely will get one :) xxx

Vanessa said...

Hey Sarah, just found your blog - I love finding other UK bloggers! New follower :-)

I've got quite a big piece on my lower back which I started 12 years ago (long before the tramp stamp was invented lol) I chose there as I was always concious of how visible tattoos look as you age; if I was a bloke I would have full sleeves for sure, but I'd like to age elegantly as a woman, so just knowing they're there is fine for me :-)

Vanessa x

Pop over and follow me too sometime! :-)

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