Saturday, 8 September 2012

Quiet Corners

Quiet corners edit
This week has been absolutely manic.
Fulltime work has so far been a mix of daunting, incredible and exciting.
I'm officially a 'Miss' again and despite hearing it over 2000000 times in the last two days - I love it.

However, times like this call for quiet corners and moment to sit back and breathe.
This little section is one such area of my room. 
Hey, if you just saw this you might even think the rest is tidy?!


Anonymous said...

ooh I love the flowers and the perfume bottle!

I too have a "quiet" corner in my bedroom, one where I can think with muse.... sigh!

Unknown said...

Jules - Yes! So important to have that lil place xo

Unknown said...

Absolutley love your little corner! I don't really have a quiet place in my flat because despite there only being the 2 of us (plus the 2 guinea pigs) it seems to be constantly noisy!? How that works I dont know lol xx

Unknown said...

Soph - Aw I've heard that these guinea pigs are dead noisy ;) x

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