Saturday, 1 September 2012


Trinket edited 2

I have a little tooth in here
Which I barely lost today
And I will not even shed a tear
If you will kindly come my way!

When I was three years old I stayed overnight at my grandparents house one Friday night. My mum had recently had my baby sister and in order to give her and my dad a break my grandparents 'borrowed' me as they regularly did throughout my childhood. After feasting on a treat of fish and chips   my grandma gave me a bath and so, as legend goes, left me curled up on the sofa chatting to my granddad whilst wrapped in a huge fluffy towel. 

No more than five minutes later she returned to find me screaming my head off, blood everywhere and an entirely boggled granddad panicking over what I'd done. Once the dust (and blood) had settled it became apparent that I'd somehow managed to pull my very own tooth out whilst chewing on the corner of the towel. 

My grandma has never forgotten or quite gotten over the drama of that night (I think I scarred her for life!) and thanks to this gorgeous trinket box above neither have I. They brought it me for my next birthday I believe, so that I could collect any teeth that happened to be lost in less dramatic circumstances and set them ready for the arrival of the tooth fairy.

Trinkets always divide people ; some labelling them as meaningless tat that should be thrown away and hidden out of site in spotless homes, others (myself included) unable to fathom a home without them. This little box has moved around with me a lot but will always have a little place and space in my home. 

Do any of you have any little trinkets that mean the world to you even if others would merely wrinkle their noses at the sight of them?


xxx1235gg said...

I have a little trinket in that I used to put my teeth in and leave out for the tooth fairy! Always used to hate the blood whilst pulling teeth out! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog -
Lucy x

Unknown said...

Lucy - Aww what a coincidence! Yes lots of mess ha-ha! Of course I will lovely xo

Emily said...

This is a lovely story, albeit with a slightly traumatic start! I used to collect little trinkets on my windowsill throughout my childhood that now look a bizarre collection of things (mini china bambis, creepy russian dolls, wooden frogs), and although they don't really have stories behind them like this, I'd still be devastated if they got lost or ruined. Your little box is so cute and such a sweet idea :) xx

Unknown said...

Emily - Totally a horrific start :') but thankyou! Your little windowsill sounds beautiful and I totally understand what you meen about feeling so protective over your lovely little things! xo

Anonymous said...

I don't have any, but what a great wee story!!

Unknown said...

Jules - Aw thankyou lovely! xo

Kathy Brown said...

I have only just stumbled across your blog and I am in love with it already! :) I love the way its written, and how creative & imaginative you are!

Once I'd come to terms with the brutality of teeth and blood and screaming, this post made me smile! Grandparents are fine, fine creatures!

I have a couple of similar things like this that I could never part with; a multicoloured penguin money box being one of them! My lovely Grandma gave it to me when I was 4 and it must always stay! Xx

Unknown said...

Kathy - Thankyou so much! You've no idea how much your words meen! I think grandparents are the best for buying little trinkets by the sound of it! Your money box sounds so cute hold on tight to it! xx

katymitten said...

OH MY CHRIST. YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE IT.. but i used to have one of these, like exactly the same.
although i think i lost it now. cause i lose everything...!

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