Monday, 10 September 2012

What the water gave us

water one editedwater two edited
I find something utterly tranquillising about water.
Staring into the depths of a pond, feature or chasing a raindrop down a windowpane can amuse me for hours. I have an altogether too clouded mind and ironic, as it is, that something that derives from clouds can be so soothing, it's true. Where there's water there is peace.

After all, if there wasn't water there wouldn't be anything.
Now I just need a coin to throw and a wish to make.


Anonymous said...

I know what I would wish for....! Hehe!

Unknown said...

Jules - I bet you do ;) xo

Unknown said...

I'm exactly the same!! :) I love water!! xx

Unknown said...

Great post! Love the pictures too!

- Keyta x

Amy Aguilera said...

Love your pictures :)
Amy x

Beth T said...

Great post :) I'm the same, I live near the coast and can't imagine it any other way xx
I've given you a blog award - you can find the post through here:

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